DMC is focused on developing creative, cutting edge programs, designed to support the efforts of healthcare marketers. From concept, through content generation, design, production and fulfillment, our experts will function as part of your team, to help ensure success. Our broad therapeutic knowledge and expertise in medical content development combine with our technological savvy to produce programs that grab the attention and interest of medical professionals and patients/caregivers.

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A Series of Printed and electronic publications directed toward medical professionals. Featuring thought-leaders

as editorial board and authors.  These publications are designed to offer valuable real world advice that is in-line with the educational objectives of the sponsor.

In the pre-launch period, program content can focus on disease awareness and the current standard of care and where there is room for improvement.

Symposia - DMC organizes symposia, recruits attendees and creates enduring materials in video, audio and print.

Focus Group Meetings & Advisory Boards DMC manages event and recruits attendees.

Poster Management and Development   DMC writes, designs and manages the presentation of printed and e-posters

Exhibit Booth Support – Booth Design and support materials including Videos, Animations, Interactive Kiosks, Video Cards

Our Interactive Case Histories are a cost-effective method to reach medical professionals through multiple channels; including email blasts, lunch and learn presentations and trade show kiosks.

Real cases, featuring KOLs, are brought to life through video and interactive sessions with KOLs. The program also captures customer preferences and perceptions through a series of interactive questions.



DMCs talented web developers have created scores of websites both branded and unbranded for audiences including; medical professionals and patients and caregivers.  DMC works closely with their clients to develop content and design elements.

DMC also creates corporate websites, working with finance professionals to support the investor community.

3-D and 2D animations are created by our team of microbiologist animators, which helps bridge the challenging process of translating difficult mechanisms of action to the screen.


These animations can be utilized in videos, trade show exhibits & interactive 3-D games They focus on the cause of the disease, the impact it has on the patient and how a drug or medical device actually works.  


A Video Card is a Printed Card or Booklet that contains a Hi Definition LCD videoscreen and player. Video Cards are ideal for:

  • Product Detailing

  • Case History Presentations

  • Clinical Trials

  • Product Training

  • Preparation and Administration

  • Medical Meetings

  • Conventions (giveaways or demos)


Our Meet the Experts Q & A is an interactive program which features a series of commonly asked questions that are answered by an array of KOLs who represent differing specialties, geographic regions, etc.

The program is designed for both medical professionals and sales representatives, providing insight and varying perspectives from a variety of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and others.

DMC's staff includes 2 Emmy-Nominated Producers/Directors who each have over 30 years of experience producing award-winning videos which capture the true life changing impact that innovative drugs and medical devices can have on the lives of patients and their families.

DMC's medical script writers work closely with your legal and medical review teams, typically first receiving concept approval and then developing annotated scripts and attending review committee meetings.

​DMC has decades of experience

recruiting medical professionals, developing program materials and

arranging logistics for live and virtual advisory board meetings.


These meetings take place globally, and are often synchronized with medical association meetings to increase attendance and reduce travel-related expenses.