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DMC develops, creates and delivers excellence in training using innovative technologies to accelerate learning. Educating sales representatives to the point where they feel comfortable discussing medical subject matter with physicians is a challenging endeavor. It involves introducing complex material such as anatomy/physiology, pharmacology, HEOR and Managed Markets in a manner that is both straightforward and engaging, to maximize the retention by the adult learner.

DMC creates custom curricula in multimedia formats to maximize learning, utilizing print, mobile, LMS, video, audio and the web. From the ground up to advanced and continual learning, DMC specializes in custom curricula tailor-made to the reality of your market challenges.


  • Prepares sales representatives for selling environment prior to entering their territories

  • Enables representatives to become familiar with the different selling environments they will encounter & product usage

  • Introduces representatives to the healthcare professionals they will be calling on

  • Provides an overview of each healthcare professional's background, training and concerns

  • Helps representatives customize their sales message to have immediate impact in territory


  • Comprehensive Training Program designed to thoroughly educate sales reps on their clinical reprints

  • Reinforces Suggested Selling Message

  • Features video clips with lead authors, KOLs or trainers

  • Includes detailed Study Guides, Role Play Scenarios, Self-Assessments and Key Take Away Points,


  • Interactive, highly engaging learning modules which increase retention of scientific information and selling skills 

  • Brings standard learning modules to life with video and animation, KOL pop-up tutorials, glossaries and more

  • Continually measures performance, provides material for deeper dives into key areas and additional support when assessments indicate a lower level of retention


   DMC’s Health Economics Outcome Research Training:

  • Explains the factors involved in the growth of HEOR data

  • Explains how HEOR data demonstrates product value for market access, pricing, formulary, and utilization discussions through evidence-based research

  • Demonstrates the HEOR methodology used in the US and global healthcare systems & the advantages/limitations of different data source

  • Presents various health economic models, including decision analytic models, cost-effectiveness models, budget impact models, and disease treatment models


  • Provides a thorough understanding of a product's prescribing information for successful detailing

  • Brings your PI to life with pop-up video or audio instruction, self assessments and application exercises

  • Can incorporate competitive PI information compared on section by section basis



The Master Class Educational Programs are created as stand-alone educational websites or for placement on internal Learning Management Systems

Feature updated materials with new SMEs on a regular basis to draw audience back to the material.

They are created for various audiences, including; HCPs, Consumers/Patients/Caregivers, Employees, Sales Representatives and feature video interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) providing audience-tailored tutorials on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Disease Education

  • Historical Background on Disease Management versus today’s standard-of-care

  • Understanding the Drug Development and Commercialization Process


  • Allows representatives to visualize a product's effect within the body

  • Can be utilized in interactive 3-D games at medical meetings

  • Focuses on the cause of the disease and the impact it has on the patient

  • Animations created by our team of microbiologist animators

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