DMC works with clinical stage companies to create awareness in both the medical and investor communities.  DMC also has tools to help recruit clinical sites and to train clinical investigators, their support teams, and the patients and caregivers involved in clinical studies.

Medical Community Messaging

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  DMC's Emmy-Nominated video producers build exciting and engaging corporate overview videos which introduce a company, its principals and its scientific team to the medical professionals they will be targeting.  These videos feature interviews with Leadership, Patients and 3-D animations.                                            

Scientific Posters

DMC works with your medical team to develop posters for medical meetings, including writing, design, printing and uploading electronic files for ePosters.

Advisory Boards

Focus Groups

DMC recruits and vets medical professionals for scientific advisory boards and focus groups.  DMC also develops medical content and manages the logistics for these meetings, both live and virtual.                                       

Introduce Your Company & Pipeline


Current Concepts


DMC's "Curent Concept" programs prepare targeted markets for the launch of a new product.  The Current Concept Series in either newsletter or video form, presents a series of topics that match the educational objectives of a brand, presented by respected medical thought-leaders.

Exhibit Booth

DMC designs and produces backgrounds, videos, kiosks, print materials and other elements for your exhibit booth. Negotiating/booking, shipping, set-up/break down and providing experienced professionals to work at your exhibit.

Clinical Trial Support

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Watch this Video to Learn about our Video Cards

Many of our clients are using our Video Cards to train their clinical trial sites and patients/caregivers. DMC works with you to customize a video card in a size and shape that works best for your needs and can either produce your videos or utilize existing videos in the Video Card presentation. 


Contact us to learn how to put this powerful & simple-to-use technology to work for you and your clinical trial.


DMC develops programs to assist in recruiting clinical trial sites.


DMC develops videos and interactive programs to train clinical trial sites on the preparation and administration of drugs as well as how to rate patients using a variety of evaluation scales.  In addition, DMC develops videos for patients to assure they understand their role in the trial, how to administer the drug, and how to complete any necessary logs and remain in contact with the clinical investigation site.

Video Cards

Our Video Card technology has been well-received by both clinical trial sites and patients.  The Video Cards are updatable via USB, so users can access and download the latest versions of videos via the web.

Investor Messaging


DMC offers a host of services to support companies that are in investment mode.  From developing engaging Websites, to producing eye catching Videos and 3-D animations, DMC is experienced working with the C-Suite, Investor Relations and leading financial support websites, to ensure your company's unique story is presented effectively.

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Website Development

DMC has developed numerous websites focused on corporate information, product branding and professional and patient education.

3-D Animation

Used to explain disease state, patient profiles/market size, and the unique properties of a pipeline product to the investment community.  



DMC also prepares live and archived presentations of scientific and financial presentations, consisting of video, audio and PowerPoint slides.

Energize Your Investor Presentations



Corporate Overiew Video

Presents an overview of the company, its mission and strategy, and the backgrounds of key executives along with information on the therapeutic areas of focus and drugs under development.

Video Card

Our Video Card technology makes a great investor presentation.  The larger format card can include an internal folder pocket for brochures and other paperwork.  Videos can include the Corporate Oveview, MOA Animation and messages from Leadership and Influential Scientists/Physicians.