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DMC is an integrated healthcare training, marketing, education and technology company focused on creating impactful programs for a variety of healthcare oriented audiences. DMC provides: 

Experience Developing Strategies and Tactics, to support the

needs of Healthcare Marketers, Trainers and Finance Professionals

Professional Relationships in a wide variety of therapeutic areas to

ensure that our programs reflect real world issues and experience

Extensive Technological Capabilities to ensure the

successful roll-out of the programs we develop

DMC is recognized for creating and executing high quality programs, delivered to and Sales Representatives, Physicians, Nurses, NPs, Pharmacists, PAs, Investors, Patients/Caregivers and Administrators.


David Comora.jpg
David Comora

Managing Partner/Co-Founder

David Comora, a founding partner at DMC, has over 30 years of experience developing training, marketing and educational programs for the healthcare industry.  Over his career, David has launched a number of new technologies for his clients, including interactive case history videos for promotional use and Video Cards for clinical trial training.  He has also been the co-publisher of numerous educational newletters, assembling teams of editorial boards and experts and managing the  content development process .


In the 1990’s, he pioneered the development of interactive learning modules for several clients, including Aventis and Eisai.   David also developed the template and instructional design for an interactive learning system which is used to train sales representatives on understanding and utilizing clinical reprints in the field.  This platform has been used by thousands of sales representatives at companies including Astra Zeneca, Ortho-Biotech, Eisai, PDL Biopharma. 


David is also an Emmy-Award nominated documentary filmmaker and has produced and directed programs featuring Ken Burns, Walter Cronkite, Buddy Hackett and others.  He is currently working on a documentary and educational web-site on the history and impact of the Spanish Flu and the advances in influenza therapies and public health since 1918.  David also directed the award-winning documentary, “Understanding Addiction” which addressed the growing problem of chemical dependency in anesthesiology and featured former physician/addict turned pioneering addictionologist, Dr. William Farley.

david kalb.jpg
David Kalb

Managing Partner/Co-Founder

David Kalb, a founding partner in DMC, has over 30 years of experience in healthcare training and marketing.  David has developed a number of innovative interactive programs and videos medica professionals, patients/caregivers and sales representatives.  


David created an “off-the-shelf” instructional program on the Managed Care Landscape.  He has also developed an interactive program for new sales representatives that provides a basic understanding of the structure of a clinical reprint.  In addition, David developed a template training program for understanding PIs, which has been utilized by thousands of sales representatives at companies including Sanofi/Aventis and Pfizer.  His interactive scientific poster programs have been delivered to hundreds of thousands of physicians.

David is also an experienced director, producer and composer, and has created hundreds of videos and 3-D MOA animations to support pharmaceutical and other medical products.  He also produced and directed a television series entitled “Profiles of Intolerance” which aired on NJ/DE/NY public television stations.  The program featured a number of people who survived incredible life-challenges.

David has also been on the Board of Directors for the NJ State Organization of Cystic Fibrosis for the past 28 years and advocates for CF patients and their care. David and his family are also active in rescuing dogs with B.A.R.K.

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