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Innovative Marketing, Training and Educational Programs for the Life Sciences Industry since 1985

Our Services

Specialized Content Solutions for Any Media


DMC develops websites, interactive case histories, virtual preceptorships, interactive reprints, and more.



DMC has over 30 years of experience producing videos which can be used for training, education, and more.  These include patient testimonials, case histories, product demonstrations, and instructional videos.


DMC has extensive experience creating content in the form of scientific posters, learning modules, symposia, and more.  We have published several series of accredited newsletters and videos for pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare providers.



DMC’s award-winning content can also be presented as print pieces, such as newsletters, core visual aids, slim jims, and posters.  Our skilled designers work closely with the printers to ensure color and content accuracy.


DMC can develop and implement your marketing strategy by managing advisory boards and coordinating focus groups.  Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Watch our Video Demo Reel

Our Emmy-Nominated Video Producers are hard at work on a new documentary on the Spanish Flu and the development of the Flu Vaccine.

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